Tuning Fork 101

How to calibrate your SR3600 with a tuning fork.

A tuning what!?

A tuning fork is metal device that is used to calibrate a radar gun. Without getting too technical (we’d probably confuse ourselves anyway), we’ll give some simple instructions on how to calibrate your Sports Radar gun to ensure it’s accurately reading.

  1. Turn radar unit on, either in continuous mode or in trigger mode.
  2. Firmly strike the tuning fork on a hard surface so that the tuning fork rings a steady tone.
  3. With the tuning fork ringing, hold the tuning fork steady approximately 4-6” in front of the radar unit. (If the radar unit is in trigger mode, pull trigger.)

The Radar unit should display a speed of 54-56 for a 55mph X band tuning fork, or 64-66mph for a 65mph X band tuning fork. If the radar unit reads below or above these speeds contact Sports Radar for additional help.

You can also check out the video for a simple demonstration.

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