Best radar gun for football?

Interested in measuring speed for football? Read on…

2017 will go down in history as one of the best years for professional football. The “Big Game” (as our lawyers advised told us to call it) had plenty of nail biting action. If you’re nerdy like us you probably sat there and wondered how fast did that ball just fly? Or wow that guy sure did run fast into the end zone, I wonder how fast he really went! Like most of life’s mystery if you dig far enough you’ll find a way to answer those questions.

The SR3800 sure could measure speeds at this game!

The SR 3800 sure could measure speeds at this game!

Although football isn’t always top of mind when it comes to recording speed, it can be a hugely important training tool for coaches and players alike.

Ready for the sales pitch? 

The SR 3800 Long Range Speed Radar Gun

The SR 3800 Long Range Speed Radar Gun

If you’re a serious football player we HIGHLY recommend checking out the SR3800 Long Range radar gun from Sports Radar. This bad boy is based off the same platform of it’s little brother, the SR3600, but it’s packed with more features that really makes it shine.

What we like about the SR 3800 for football:

  • It’s the best in it’s class for measuring long ranges which is perfect for football. Measuring about 120′ accurately. Setup one on each end and you could easily figure out the total speed for the duration of flight.
  • Its great for low and high speeds 5-255 MPH.
  • It has trigger or continuous modes, so you could do quick reads with the trigger or use the continuous mode to display the fastest speeds the ball went.

Will it only work for football? No way jose! The SR3800 is perfect for all ball sports and motorsports applications. No matter what your sport is: baseball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, auto racing, motocross (one our favorites!) and more, this bad boy has your discipline covered!

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