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Looking for the best ball sports radar gun? You’re in the right place!

Pocket Radar BALL COACH™ (MODEL PR1000-BC)

Our best selling ball sports radar gun, this radar is known for it’s ease of use, accuracy and convenience of size.

Wondering how fast that ball really flies? If so, you NEED The Ball Coach™. It’s our number one selling sports radar gun and perfect for all ball sport applications including baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse, hockey, and cricket. The sleek design makes it small enough to fit in your pocket all still while providing the accuracy you demand.

How to use:

The easy trigger capabilities eliminate any timing requirements: Simply hold the button down well before the ball is in flight and release once the speed is displayed. Enter Constant-On Mode to provide automatic triggering without the press of a button. Ball Coach measures from 25 mph to 130 mph and is accurate to within +/- 1 mph (+/- 2 kph). It has 120 feet of range on a baseball and 25 deep memory.

This radar gun comes with extras!

Included in the package:Pocket Radar Box Contents

  • Soft-shell belt holster case
  • wrist strap
  • 2 AAA alkaline batteries
  • illustrated quick start guide
  • Covered by a 2 year warranty

This radar gun ships free!

See The Ball Coach™ in action!


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