Detector DT100 Radar Unit


Best used for short range baseball pitching booths with a fixed installation.

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The DETECTOR Series Radar Units Are Designed for Fixed Installation to Record and Communicate Speeds to a Separate Display or PC.

DT100 is a short-range speed detector with high noise immunity. The advantages of the DT100 include the ability to operate “side-by-side” (8′ separation required) without interference from adjacent targets. Applications include Pitching booths, golf nets, hockey nets, etc, where the DT100 can be located directly behind the net.

The DETECTOR series can also be customized for specific needs for the OEM that wants to add accurate speed reading/recording to their products. Contact Sports Radar for details.

DT100 Features:

  • Speed Range: 10 to 175 MPH (40 to 240 Km/H)
  • Selectable Output Units in MPH or Km/H
  • Range: 8 feet typical.
  • Programmable sensitivity/noise filter
  • Programmable MIN and MAX speed limit settings
  • Serial communications, 1200 baud
  • On-board speed storage (EEPROM)
  • Power from display and data to the display in one cable (25′ may be extended as needed)
  • Custom programming retained in memory
  • Weather resistant
  • Includes mounting bracket and tuning fork
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


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