Sports Radar SRDS 36 Kit


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Sports Radar SRDS 36 Kit

Sports Radar kits are precision training instruments for coaches, players and enthusiasts. Read and display accurate ball and swing speeds for various sports, including but not limited to: baseball, softball, tennis, bowling, golf, auto racing, and more. The included SR3600 radar gun is full featured, reliable, durable and easy to use. Just point and pull the trigger and the target speed is displayed. Our advanced microprocessor based speed detection calculates speeds in just a few feet of target travel.

Kit Includes:

  • SR3600 Radar Gun
  • DL431-R (LED) with three 4″ Digits
  • WA-9VDC AC Adapter
  • 25′ RJ45 Cable
  • Mini TriPod
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Hard Plastic Carrying Case


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