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See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest. up Log in. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip.

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See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest.


chatroom in usa Log in. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs.

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Dravidian eont. Tulu Tu W Bright and A. Apj Kbkhnaj.

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Kolami Kol. Burrow and S, Bhattacharya m Naikn Nk. Kui K. Kuwi T. Burrow and S. S Subrahmanyam, Department chat with swingers in ms Linguistics, Annamalai University especially Kui etymo- logiesto these scholars our thanks are due We are, as before, most grateful nsfw chat Sn Sudhibhushan Bhattacharya and Professor Bhadnraju Krishnamurti The former collaborated with Burrow in much fieldwork and the products of their t efforts have found a place in DEDS, as well as material that was collected and graciously communicated by Bhattacharya alone.

Knshnamurti generously made available before publication the vocabulary of his Konda work, excerpted the most important items from his Telugu dialect work VPKm his review of DED in Language As before, research free sex chat rooms in davenport contributed by the University of California guest chat eased the physical progress of the work; we must especially mention that it allowed the labour of the indexing to be undertaken by Messrs.

Anatole Lyovin and Malcolm McClure as research assistants. Tr W askani to cut up, divide meat, A Ch Mu Ma ask- to cut meatcarve ask- is pi action of acc- Voc n Malt asye to chisel, [delete from ] 58 Kur acc thorn Malt acu idac- aero pnckly. Ittlrl Ta alakujaw. Foe 87 Ta. Te alugu, aluvu to be angry sex chat lines bujuta displeased, take offence, aluka, alukuva anger, dis- pleasure Kol.

Sex chat lines bujuta G ancSp woman, Ma. L ancar id. Malt fithwa raw, not boiled Ka fin u to lay hold of, hold, put on, take, sei2e, finike, 3nke laying hold of, seizing, afike-feol to seize Te SAN flef-konu to seize, take away, isafik nScu to snatch, sei2e, usurp, nScl-kolu usurpa- tion.

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Ittlrl, lcdrl very little. Te inmiva a place, haunt or with Isumanta odjodv a little, s particle, a jot. Cf Ta. Utbkro bored, a hole collecting dry leaves, each of the small heaps Free sex chat el paso Ph attditia, Ma and- to made from place to place, to be gathered in snatch away Voc Konda Mid- to later Hahn a sheaf of com.

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Cf Ta itar, esp Te tddamu Ta ettu ettl- to inveigle, lure, chest, defraud, a inveigling, cheating Te ettuettu gad a cotitnv ance, online dating chat up linesstratagem Ka eraeraelar, elal wind, air Te temm-era a cool breeae zephyr cf Te temma wetness, moisture, m Cf Ta niratl air, nlral wind Ka elarcu to make vigorous, enliven Te tlaml joy, pleasure, delight, elayu to be sex chat lines bujuta, rejoice, elayfncu to please, gratify, elanicu to rejoice, debght, elarupu joy, pleasure Kur clklma to pour liquid out by tilting a vessel standing sex chat lines bujuta the groundelkhrnS to be poured out Malt eq« to pour out from a vessel Ma e anta, elunta plank Ka tit rafter SI 00 Ka epi to be full, complete Tu erkuni to be full of milk as breast chat lines in san diego udder[delete from ]?

S oth'nal to punfy, refine, healothplnal teen chats online healotplnal to cleanse otpl keplnal to clean, Mah oddamne beautiful SI 13 Tu odpunl to pluck, odpu pluck, ing Te odlyu to take by force, snatch, K also oducu to take away by force SI 14 Kur ofta t in a bamboo stem, knot in a plank, bony protuberance of limbsHahn a t of the limbs or fingers Malt.

OJge ankle Ka ottu to cut or break betel nut Te ottu to cut or break with nippers Ka oykane orderly, properly.

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S kakh'nal to laugh, S kakplnai to joke, kakini merry, kakni kaknl lehe anal to smile? Cf Kol kayug- Ta kahkanam a waterfowl Te kahtanamu 3 large bustard with a red head Ta kaya great, kayam, kayavu greatness Te gaja large, as sex chat lines bujuta gaja nlmma the large hill orange. Ko kato'J wall of temple compound Kod kaftole door frame Ta kanakana -pp- -tt- to sound, rattle, jingle, tinkle, kanakan-enal tinhnnabulahon, tinkling as of bells Ka kana an imitative sound, kanakana the ringing sound of unbroken earthen or metal vessels, up arlington bored wanna chat, etcwhen struck with the knuckles, gana, ganagana, ganal, ganil imitative sound of the tinging of bells Tu ganily tinkling, gana turn a tinkling sound Te ganagana sex chat lines bujuta ringing or tinkling of bells I Cf Turner, CDIAL, no Skt khanakhan3yate, etc Kol SR gander to prick, sar g to lodge, of a thorn Go SR gandfina, Y gand- W gaddinS, Ph gaddSna, G Mu Ma gad- to pierce, of a thorn, Tr gadddna to be embedded, of a thorn Voc ?

Ka kompe a small thorn bush, a small bundle or load of thorny. Te garanii gate of a fort Go Tr W Ph. Kuwi Su kan- kacc-F kanjali kac. Konda k5pi weeds in field Sexy free chat in acude novo S kaju rennal to sarcle [1 e weedlit. Km krfida id. Oil kl«e waist. P kite plin hipbone for pQn, cf Kin gldri knee-cap Kw Su. Kui kulpa kult- to separate take out weeds, comb the dogging chat rooms Kuw, Su kin- -h.

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P klj- -It- to comb. F klrha-kfldall, S klnha koddlnal to comb oneself 1 Cf. K kitkorodl armpit.

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Kol SR kusSltpey to tickle Ka klmur sute of being crushed, klmuj-cu to crush, bruise or squeeze by means of the hand? Ch khuriya bee Pe erotic chat in lubbock texas 1 kind of bee bland kerga id Kui K klrga vlhayga a kind of bee Kuwi Su krlya vlha bee, fcrfya niyu honey, F klnngya bee.

Cf K. Nk Ch. Go Mu garem, Ma garum i nest inside anthill Foe Konda kflru gurkfe [ ii Tu gurkfe sex chat lines bujuta very large water- vessel Te gurlgl a very small earthen pot. Sova dial kultrl porridge Etevsine caracana Pe Luler gnjel, pej Ta kullal wild basil, sacred basil, scarlet liora? Pa kOki pi kllkul id Ga P. Cf t Ma. Mand Will id Kui kOdl grain, piddy, seed. Or kandu! Cf Free fayetteville adult chat online kamungayi a wild sp of green gram, Phojrolus rostratui Ka.

MlltVI" a kind of mushroom.

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I Cf Skt kacaka- id. Nk Ch kok k e doth for koy smoke. Km gopka « gbk-p-gbkt- to stretch plant. Kui koru pi.

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IS gfoogiiwl » melt [Me. Mu halhi-halha a Cakkalyag o exchange blows i Kur calkl a sex chat to strangers palm Kuwi F hekka mpanO palm from which brooms as. Ch Jaogo moon Go Y Jarjo. Go SR. Kui sadall gum.

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Tu c2 Andro- pagan schoenanthus pe bar- -t. Cf S Go cleveland cavaliers chat sports T» cfmal summit of a mountain, hair-tuft, clmalyam top, summit of » mountain, peak, mountain, hill Te cl vara excessively Kuwi F bar- to remain, end, point. Pusad, BB sale quail Nk. P jandu grass, weed, rubbish, F jandu grass, rubbish, S xSntJu. Kuwi Su. Ma S i ta lower Voc. Dpi Otf. I Cf Skt.

Ml callam, calla.

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Su P sund- -It- to shut. H d3d3.

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